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Tips & Tricks in Operative Obstetrics & Gynecology-REVISION - 25/01-jayppe-UNIVERSAL BOOKS

Tips & Tricks in Operative Obstetrics & Gynecology


Author/Editor Saxena Richa
ISBN 9789351524809
Speciality Obstetrics and Gynecology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12426
Edition 2/e
Publishing Year 2015
Pages 448


The second edition of “Tips & Tricks in Operative Obstetrics & Gynecology” has been inspired by the tremendous success of the first edition. The concept of the book remains the same as the previous edition, “spreading valuable knowledge”. There are many extensive textbooks available in the market, which give elaborate details about each surgery. The aim of this book belonging to the “Tips and Tricks series” is to acquaint the reader with different types of obstetric and gynecological surgical procedures used in the clinical practice. The second edition maintains the basic format of text presented in the first edition. Each chapter has a unique style of presentation in form of a template containing headings such as introduction, indications, preoperative preparation, surgical steps, postoperative care, advantages, disadvantages, complications, discussion, conclusion, etc. These headings are set in the form of amber-colored arrowheads. This pattern has been followed for all the chapters of Section 2 (Operative Obstetrics) and Section 3 (Operative Gynecology) and would help the reader focus on specific aspects of surgery. The book provides succinct details about various obstetric and gynecological surgeries, which will be very useful for the postgraduates, intellectual undergraduates, fellow gynecologists and residents in training, obstetric and gynecologic consultants and practitioners. The second edition also encompasses new chapters on labor room procedures and various gynecological surgeries related to the treatment of endometriosis and urinary incontinence. To further simplify the surgeries, the text has been illustrated with the help of newly added beautiful, self-explanatory, multicolor pictures, tables and flow charts. The second edition also describes recent advances in gynecological laparoscopic surgery [especially robotic surgery, laparoendoscopic single site surgery (LESS), natural orifice transluminal surgery (NOTES), hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery (HALS), etc.], fetal surgery and surgeries related to assisted reproductive techniques.

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