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Surgical Oncology (Fundamentals,Evidence-Based Approaches & New Tech., 1/e -Barlett-REVISION - 26/01-jayppe-UNIVERSAL BOOKS

Surgical Oncology (Fundamentals,Evidence-Based Approaches & New Tech., 1/e -Barlett


Author/Editor Bartlett David L, Neal Matthew D, Bao Phil, Thirunavukarasu Pragatheeshwar
ISBN 9789350250518
Speciality Oncology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11193
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2011
Pages 634


The field of surgical oncology is a unique and exciting speciality, combining the technical feats of some of the most complex surgeries, with an understanding of the multidisciplinary approaches for each cancer, and an in-depth knowledge of cancer biology. Cancer is a complex puzzle that is being slowly solved with contributions from basic scientists, translational scientists, clinical trialists and clinicians. The surgical oncologist is often the centerpiece of the care team and research program, and must understand all aspects of this intricate field in order to make sound clinical decisions, and in order to continue to move toward a solution to this complicated puzzle. The surgical oncologist must also maintain a bedside manner that is appropriate for patients confronting the most frightening of diagnoses and directly facing their mortality. With that backdrop in mind, this text was developed as a comprehensive, up to date review of all knowledge required of a surgical oncologist: from basic biology to the application of regional chemotherapy and minimally invasive surgery to palliative care. The target audience is intended to be medical students, surgery residents, practicing surgeons and ancillary staff with an interest in surgical oncology. As the field moves toward board certification, this text will serve as an excellent reference for study and review. The decision to only list landmark papers at the end of each chapter and not reference within the text was made to improve the readability of the text, and to focus the reader on general truths and not esoteric facts. The ease of searching publications on line makes detailed referencing unnecessary. In each chapter with an emphasis on evidence based facts and an assistant editor focused on evidence based tables for each disease site. Our long-term goal is for regular updates of this text and to keep current with important clinical evidence which may change our approach to therapy. While the overall progress toward a cure for cancer has seemed slow, the field of oncology is changing more rapidly than any other speciality. We learn new biology as well as new therapies daily are constantly being tested. This text will keep the reader updated with these important advances in a comprehensive but readable format.

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