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  • ISBN 9789350907368
  • Edition 1/e
  • Publish Year 2014
  • Pages 1436
  • Size 8.5" X 11"
  • Cover Type Hard Back
  • With CD/DVD No
  • Weight (Grams) 4870


The book has been divided into three volumes to adequately cover the enormity of the diverse field of reproductive medicine. The objective of the book is to present important and cutting-edge topics relevant to fertility and make it accessible to all ART specialists and gynecologists involved in treating infertile couples. All the chapters have been written by acknowledged pioneers and experts in their own respective areas with special emphasis on evidence-based medicine. Notwithstanding the limitations of our published literature, the authors have endeavored to provide a balanced view of existing information that is clinically relevant for the evolving areas of our specialty. The text is directed at a broad reader base and will be of immense value to clinicians, embryologists, andrologists, and ultrasonographers from all spheres, be they laboratory technicians, postgraduates, postdoctoral fellow students, private practitioners or researchers.
Key Features
• Volume 1, "Infertility" (part of 3-volume book, "Principles and Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology"), is a well-illustrated publication which provides concise yet comprehensive practical information on the modern-day approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. It starts from basic principles of reproductive physiology, before moving on to the evaluation and management of the infertile couple, and then describes and explains the full armory of ART from ovulation induction, its complications to the outcome following ART. Also, some recent advances, like cryopreservation of ovarian tissue and oocytes, and endometrial stem cells with its clinical applications, have been dealt with in detail.

• Volume 2, "IVF & Laboratory Aspects of Andrology" (part of 3-volume book, "Principles and Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology"), emphasizes on practical information with which one can readily translate theory into clinical practice. It covers the whole of andrology, embryology and laboratory aspects of andrology which have been dealt with in five separate sections. The section on Andrology deals with all aspects starting from semen examination and interpretation of the report to its cryopreservation. The technicalities of 1 (51, assisted hatching and polar body biopsy have been dealt with special focus on practicalities. Recent novel techniques, like IM51, polarization microscope and omics, have also been covered. Practitioners wishing a greater understanding of the available laboratory options will find this volume especially useful in their clinical practice.

• Volume 3, "Atlas of Human Embryology" (part of 3-volume book, "Principles and Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology"), is a high-quality comprehensive book which offers an exciting glimpse into the oocytes, sperms and embryos at various stages. The book is beautifully illustrated with the photographs captured in our own center along with a brief description of the images. It serves as a handbook to all embryologists, when in doubt, allowing them a sneak peak of the images while working in the laboratory.

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