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ISBN 9789351521877
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2014
Pages 116
Size 6.25" X 9.5"
Cover Type Paper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 240
Quick Overview
Understanding of urodynamics (UDS), literally a study of dynamics of collection and voiding of urine in lower urinary tract, is essential for any urologist treating patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. It cannot be overemphasized that the term ‘urodynamics’ encompasses simple noninvasive tests, i.e. bladder-diary, uroflowmetry as much as the complex invasive studies, i.e. video urodynamics, electromyography.

For interesting reading, the whole book has been made full of graphs, images, explanations and examples. There is a full chapter on representative clinical cases, in which author has shown how the clinical query was generated and how the appropriately performed UDS could help make clinical decisions.
Key Features
This book is a highly illustrated, descriptive and comprehensive resource for understanding, performing and interpretation of urodynamics. The salient reader-friendly features of this book are:

• Each chapter is full of illustrations, photographs and graphs supporting the text

• Difficulties, errors and artefacts encountered during various urodynamic tests and their troubleshooting have been described lucidly

• Theoretical description has been supplemented with clinical case discussion, wherever appropriate

• A full chapter on clinical cases with a variety of lower urinary tract symptoms-how they presented, what urodynamic query was generated, how the urodynamic study was planned and interpreted, and how did it correlate with the clinical outcome

• Easy-to-understand description and discussion of difficult urodynamic concepts, e.g. full interpretation of Schafer nomogram, CHESS curve, DAMPF and OCO

• Presentation of clinically relevant novel concepts arising out of years of personal experience and thorough research, e.g. PGIMER nomogram for Indian patients, volume-normalized flow rate index and plateau detrusor pattern for the diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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