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ISBN 9789351521891
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2014
Pages 332
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover Type Hard Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 1155
Quick Overview
Knowledge is transmitted by words and demonstration. Wisdom is gained by analysis, absorption and repetitive practice of transmitted knowledge. In science, there is no last word. There is always scope for improvement and innovation, so keep trying and take forward.

This is a Manual of experiences in management of disorders in the field of Oculoplasty, Orbitopathies and Dacryology since 1960. Emphasis is on quantitative and qualitative assessment of anomaly, both clinically and/or with objective diagnostic procedures as per present-day imaging techniques, then to plan the course of management, by medical, surgical or other modalities, and their proper time schedule.

This manual is not intended to be a traditional textbook, but a practical way of looking at a problem, then devising a plan of management best suited for that situation and for that patient, innovatively, with our background of morphological, genetic, physiological and pathological knowledge and its variations, besides the personal experience and the solution best suited to appease the psyche of the patient
Key Features
With an Atlas of personal experiences for observations, analyses, pitfalls and remedies, subject matter presented in this Manual pertains to the second most common type of patients seeking Ophthalmic consultation in various clinics and eye centers. Of course, the first is correction of refractive errors.

• A precious reference Manual for all ophthalmologists, neonatal pediatricians, orbit and plastic surgeons.

• Highlights fundamental concepts and ethical scientific approach.

• Details normal ophthalmic area facies, acceptable variations, the extent of treatable variations and the deformities.

• Deals with congenital, acquired, degenerative, traumatic and iatrogenic defects of orbits and ophthalmoplastic afflictions of eyes and adnexa.

• A subtle sequence of events in pathogenesis of lid margin, lid swellings, dermolipomas, hemangiomas and dacryology have been analyzed and depicted, stressing early and efficient management to resolve the problems without esthetic blemishes.

• Our first visual contact with others immediately reveals unacceptable morphological appearance of the ophthalmic area. The patients and their dear ones demand effective and early amelioration of those defects to the extent possible. The 24 chapters of this manual discuss the prevention and early and late management of most of those cosmetic blemishes

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