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ISBN 9789351520702
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2014
Pages 964
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover Type Hard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Weight (Grams) 3510
Key Features
• 80 new chapters on diverse topics (with over 900 color photographs and illustrations) including eyelash , eyebrow, beard , chest, and pubic hair transplants; surgical female hairline lowering; megasessions/lateral slits; use of implanters; micro-punch instruments; stamp design for recipient sites; correction of synthetic hair transplants, among many other topics, with 21 exciting videos including surgical hairline lowering, the Frechet triple-flap repair, eyelash transplant, beard transplantation, no-shave FUE, etc.

• Multiple chapters on FUE including "No-Shave FUE", body-to-scalp/scalp-to-body FUE, manual methods of FUE, automated/robotic FUE, FUE for scar repair, difficult cases with FUE, assistant role in manual and automated FUE, and staff management for FUE

• Extensive chapters on repair topics including facelift scar repair, multiple chapters on hairline repair, tissue expanders, scalp reduction and the Frechet triple-flap repair, scalp micropigmentation , plug recycling and repair, managing complications in hair restoration , and scar repairs

• First and only book of its kind with 15 chapters on business development in the hair-transplant industry including marketing, internet/reputation management, running a solo practice, running a multi-location practice, going from a corporate to a private hair practice (and vice versa), building an international hair brand , expanding into the hair business, expanding into a cosmetic business from a hair practice, improving consultation techniques, leadership, developing multiple profit centers, and malpractice minimization

• Chapters dedicated to new technology and harnessing established techniques including the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), porcine extracellular matrix (ACell), new graft-storage solutions, use of the TrichoScan , bimatoprost, autocloning, oral minoxidil, finasteride side effects and consent forms , and low-level laser therapy

• Section on difficult cases with 12 chapters that help a starting and seasoned surgeon think critically about hair problems from a case-based perspective including hair transplant in a cranioplasty case, plug correction , young-patient issues, gigasession transplants, repair after a Juri flap , serial scalp reduction, and management of donor-site necrosis

• First and only multi-author book for hair-transplant assistants and technicians that includes topics on emergency management, robotic FUE, improving efficiency, postoperative care, graft selection, industry tools, training techniques, and updates from Hair Transplant 360, Volume 2

• First and only multi-author book for assistants dedicated to practice management including how to start as a technician, cross-training between the surgical assistant and the medical assistant, exploring career path options for surgical assistants, coordinating a combined dermatological and hair-transplant practice, the consultant role in hair restoration, staff management, outline guide to daily responsibilities, and how to leverage your staff skills

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