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ISBN 9789350908556
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2014
Pages 112
Size 7" X 9.5"
Cover Type Paper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 665
Quick Overview
This book is a research review and compilation of authentic facts regarding dental and skeletal fluorosis. It also throws light on what is fluorosis actually, its causative factors and how to detect it clinically and radiologically based on certain parameters. The purpose of this research study was to assess the prevalence of fluorosis and comparing it with previous studies to know the effects of mitigation measures taken to curb fluorosis.
Key Features
This book deals with detailed aspect of fluorides and harmful effects caused by it in the form of dental and skeletal fluorosis, which has been the most neglected public health problem. The research have been presented in a very simple manner using tables and various figures to understand this problem. Fluoride has beneficial effects in reducing dental caries but when consumed more than optimum level, it leads to the condition called fluorosis. Fluorosis is a significant public health problem affecting millions of people. It has a great adverse effect on the economy of the family, community and country as a whole as it produces partial to total disability. This book provides deep insight into the extensive field research on fluorosis and effects of the fluorosis mitigation efforts in the community. This book elaborates concepts of basic research methodology to conduct field study as well as basic concepts of fluoride and fluorosis.

This book will definitely be very much useful for the undergraduate medical/dental students, public health experts, public health managers, health economists, NGOs, postgraduate (PG) medical/dental students pursuing PG courses in Public Health, and national and international agencies working to understand and eradicate fluorosis. My aim is to educate the people regarding fluorides and fluorosis, so that much the needed efforts could be taken by the people to curb this menace.

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