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ISBN 9788184487480
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2010
Pages 420
Size 4.5"×7"
Cover Type Paper Back
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Most of the routinely used statistical techniques including important ‘tests of significance’ are discussed with examples. There is a sufficient amount of discussion on “quality control” and “statistical fallacies”. The book highlights ‘clinical significance’, explains ‘tolerance limits’, describes nonparametric statistical inference methods, discusses ‘logistic regression’, compares and contrasts between ‘test of significance and confidence interval’ and gives ready tables of CI for extreme proportion/percentage. There are ten chapters, each being devoted to discuss specific topic, and few bulleted (.) paragraphs appear in most chapters. These contain comments, which are important as they are more like answers to study questions which we have tried to present crisply and briefly. Since all fundamental concepts and important terms are covered in this book, (though not written in ‘question-answer’ format), one can find answer to almost any question posed in any exam or multiple-choice questions in any entrance exam. No special background knowledge is required to understand this text. However, when essential, some school level algebra and notations are used. Last chapter is named as ‘MISCELLANY’ (a mixture of various things) is literally a collection of writing on various topics like ‘time-to-event’ or survival analysis (clinical life table, etc.), measures of clinical significance (NNTs etc.), few quantitative aspects of clinical reasoning (ROC etc.)

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