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ISBN 9789350904022
Edition 1/e
Publish Year 2013
Pages 1846
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover Type Hard Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
In today’s age of rapid advances in science and technology, there is no dearth of learning material available to the avid learner. However, in the field of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, there seemed a lacuna between undergoing surgical training at various places and understanding the concepts/rationale behind the surgical technique. This book is a modest attempt by the editors to bridge this lacuna by going through each surgery in a simple step-wise manner using intraoperative images and illustrated figures, wherever required, to help understand the technique of surgery.

This is essentially an atlas and hence, the stress on learning through intraoperative images and illustrations, making it easy for the trainee as well as the ENT consultant to follow the surgery. The authors are masters in the field and this is a mammoth compilation from more than 30 countries from all over the world since knowledge cannot be bound by any barriers.
Key Features
Education is a great responsibility; equally so for the teacher and student. Knowledge imparted during the trainee years forms the foundation of a surgeon's clinical practice; most of the times consciously, yet often at a subconscious level too. This takes more importance during the development of surgical skills, where subtle nuances give the edge, and discern the competent from the mediocre. Skills honed by watching, reading, listening, watching more, and finally performing take years to develop; and yet, the learning process never stops. A surgeon stops learning only in his grave. It may take a lifetime to develop certain skills, and a shorter period for others, yet, each skill even once learned needs polishing and refinement-there are no shortcuts to learning.

Times have changed. The field of ENT has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past two decades. With the development of excellent technology, have emerged comparable educational tools. From the time when we were resident trainee doctors, to today, numerous avenues have emerged for the enthusiastic student. Yet, there are times when one needs to travel and visit numerous centers in one's lifetime to observe and learn, with most centers imparting specialist training of certain skills, but usually never all of them.

This atlas has been the birth-child of a need for a single-stop for surgical skills in the field of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, including all its allied faculties, in an attempt to bring a global perspective under one roof. It has its limitations, and is certainly not exhaustive; yet it aims to spur the interest of the reader for most procedures, with a reference for further suggested reading if needed. The emphasis is on surgical technique, and most chapters would thus focus on this aspect mainly.

The video atlas which will soon follow would be an added tool to recapitulate each surgical procedure, as if watching it in real time!

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