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Cataract Surgery-REV. PRECIO - 02/02-elsevier-UNIVERSAL BOOKS

Cataract Surgery


  • Autor : Steinert F. Roger
  • Materia : Oftalmología
  • Editorial : ELSEVIER
  • Año : 2009
  • Edición : 3TH ED
  • Idioma : Inglés
  • ISBN : 9781416032250
  • Tamaño : 28cm x 22cm
  • Paginas : 710
  • Encuadernación : Pasta dura
  • Tipo de Impresión : A color



  •  Provides access to the full-text online at for convenient referencing.
  • Includes a DVD of surgical videos performed by the authors, offering you real-time guidance on the full range of the latest cataract surgery techniques, including phacoemulsification in the presence of a small pupil, toric IOL implantation, biaxial microincision cataract surgery, and many others.
  • Features expert hints and tips on the common pitfalls in cataract surgery, including advanced surgical pearls to save you valuable time and help you avoid costly errors.
  • Offers expanded coverage on how to manage complications, to prepare you for the challenges you face.
  • Provides the latest information on phacoemulsification techniques, keeping you on the cusp of these popular procedures.
  • Presents new chapters on Aspheric Multifocal, Accommodating IOLs, Color-filtering IOL, IOL design, and Capsular opacification offering you the latest information in this rapidly advancing area.

Table of Contents Part I. Evaluation

  • 1 The Pathology of Cataracts, Terrence S. Spencer, MD and Nick Mamalis, MD
  • 2 Surgical Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathogenesis, and Classification of Cataracts, Leo T. Chylack Jr., MD
  • 3 Preoperative Evaluation of the Patient with Visually Significant Cataract, Samuel Masket, MD and Shaleen Belani, MD
  • 4 IOL Power Calculation, Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD, FACS

Part II Preparation

  • 5 IOL Power Calculations after Refractive Surgery, Li Wang, MD, PhD and Douglas D. Koch, MD
  • 6. Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (OVD): Physical Characteristics, Clinical Applications, and Complications, Stephen S. Lane, MD and Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
  • 7. The Phaco Machine: The Physical Principles Guiding Its Operation, William J. Fishkind, MD, FACS, Thomas F. Neuhann, MD Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 8 Retrobulbar and Peribulbar Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery, Robert C. Hamilton, MB, BCh, FRCPC
  • 9 Topical Intracameral Anesthesia, Alan S. Crandall, MD

Part III Extracapsular Cataract Extraction

  • 10 Extracapsular Cataract Surgery: Indications and Techniques, Jared Emery, MD and Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 11 Small Incision Cataract Surgery in Underdeveloped Countries, Geoffrey Tabin, MA, MD

Part IV Phacoemulsification

  • 12 Prophylactic Preoperative Preparation and Operative Measures for Control of Infection, Inflammation and Intraocular Pressure, Samuel Masket, MD and Shaleen Belani, MD
  • 13 Incision Construction, I. Howard Fine, MD, Richard S. Hoffman, MD and Mark Packer, MD, FACS
  • 14 Capsulorrhexis, Thomas F. Neuhann, MD
  • 15 Hydrodissection and Hydrodelineation, I. Howard Fine, MD, Richard S. Hoffman, MD and Mark Packer, MD, FACS
  • 16 Principles of Nuclear Phacoemulsification, Howard V. Gimbel, MD, MPH, FRCSC, FACS
  • 17 Phaco Chop, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 18 Tilt and Tumble Phacoemulsification: Coaxial and Bimanual, Elizabeth A. Davis, MD, FACS, Dennis C. Lu, MD, David R. Hardten, MD, FACS and Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
  • 19 Biaxial Phacoemulsification, H. Burkhard Dick, MD, PhD
  • 20 Microcoaxial Phacoemulsification with Torsional Ultrasound, Robert H. Osher, MD

Part V Special Techniques for Cataract Extraction

  • 21 Phacoemulsification in the Presence of a Small Pupil, I. Howard Fine, MD, Mark Packer, MD, FACS and Richard S. Hoffman, MD
  • 22 Combined Cataract Implant and Filtering Surgery, John S. Cohen, MD, Anup K. Khatana, MD and Robert H. Osher, MD
  • 23 Combined Cataract Extraction and Corneal Transplantation, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 24 Surgical Management of Astigmatism, Mitchell P. Weikert, MD, Li Wang, PhD and Douglas D. Koch, MD
  • 25 Cataract Surgery in Uveitis Patients, Michael B. Raizman, MD
  • 26 Surgical Management of Pediatric Cataracts and Aphakia, Howard V. Gimbel, MD, MPH, FRCSC, FACS, Brian M. DeBroff, MD, FACS, Jennifer A Dunbar, MD and Bharti R. Nihalani, MD
  • 27 Intumescent Cataract, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 28 Dense Brunescent Cataract, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 29 Capsule Tension Rings and Segments, Robert J. Cionni, MD
  • 30 Techniques and Principles of Surgical Management for the Traumatic Cataract, Michael E. Snyder, MD and Robert H. Osher, MD
  • 31 Iris Repair, Michael E. Snyder, MD, Roger F. Steinert, MD, Christopher Khng, MD and Scott E. Burk, MD, PhD
  • 32 High Myopia, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 33 Nanophthalmos, Relative Anterior Microphthalmos, and Axial Hyperopi, Richard K. Parrish, II, MD, Kendall Donaldson, MD, Marianne B. Mellem Kairala, MD and Richard J. Simmons, MD
  • 34 Cataract Surgery in the Presence of Other Ocular Comorbidities, Hiroko Bissen-Miyajima, MD

Part VI Intraocular Lenses

  • 35 The Evolution of the Intraocular Lens, Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD, FACS
  • 36 PMMA IOLs, Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
  • 37 Foldable Intraocular Lenses, Edge Design, and Aspheric Optics, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 38 Presbyopia Correcting Intraocular Lenses, Roger F. Steinert, MD, Richard L. Lindstrom, MD and David F. Chang, MD
  • 39 The Correction of Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery with Toric IOLs, Stephen S. Lane, MD and David F. Chang, MD
  • 40 Intraocular Lens Spectral Filtering, Martin A. Mainster, PhD, MD, FRCOphth and Patricia L. Turner, MD
  • 41 Secondary Intraocular Lens Implantation and Stabilization, Roger F. Steinert, MD and Martin S. Arkin, MD
  • 42 Pathology of Cataract Surgery and IOLs, Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, David J. Apple, MD and Nick Mamalis, MD

Part VII Management of Complications

  • 43 Risk Management in Cataract Surgery
    Anthony Agadzi MD, Anne M. Menke RN, PhD, and Richard L. Abbott MD
  • 44 Intraoperative Complications of Phacoemulsification Surgery, Robert H. Osher, MD, Robert J. Cionni, MD, Scott E. Burk, MD, PhD and David F. Chang, MD
  • 45 Anterior Vitrectomy Techniques for the Cataract Surgeon, David F. Chang, MD
  • 46 Surgical Repositioning and Explantation of the Intraocular Lens, Robert H. Osher, MD, Robert J. Cionni, MD, Michael E. Snyder, MD, Christopher D. Riemann, MD and Andrea P. Da Mata, MD
  • 47 Issues in Wound Management, Douglas D. Koch, MD, Randall E. Nacke, MD, Li Wang, MD, PhD and Kenneth D. Novak, MD
  • 48 Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS), Nick Mamalis, MD
  • 49 Corneal Edema After Cataract Surgery, Roger F. Steinert MD
  • 50 Glaucoma After Cataract Surgery, James W. Hung, MD and Bradford J. Shingleton, MD
  • 51 Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet Laser Posterior Capsulotomy, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 52 Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet Laser in the Management of Postoperative Complications of Cataract Surgery, Roger F. Steinert, MD
  • 53 Ingrowths, Alex P. Hunyor, MB BS, FRANZCO, FRACS and C. Davis Belcher III
  • 54 Macular Causes of Poor Postoperative Vision: Cystoid Macular Edema, Epiretinal Fibrosis, and Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Raja Narayanan, MD and Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD, PhD
  • 55 Postoperative Endophthalmitis, David A. Eichenbaum, MD, Robert I. Park, MD and Trexler M. Topping, MD
  • 56 Management of Post-Operative Complications: Retinal Detachment, Jay S. Duker, MD
  • 57 Prolonged Intraocular Inflammation
    Michael B. Raizman, MD

Part VIII Innovations and Future Trends for Cataract Surgery

  • 58 Cataract Surgery: Future Predictions
    Robert H. Osher, MD


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